Hi, my name is Jukee! I was born in 2016, hidden in an idea of my creators to start a real revolution. Not a political one, not an economic one but a very personal one. With me, Jukee, they want to renew your individual music experience during good nights out with friends! So my friends, follow me to discover my evolution, from a simple idea to a totally new form of musical experience! Let’s rock!

  • How Jukee got his look

    26. August 2019 von

    First things first! At the beginning of our journey we focused on getting things done like writing a lot of code, making coffee and writing even more code. Days were long, nights even longer. Creativity follows heavy tiredness Maybe you are familiar with this: Less sleep, much work and suddenly there comes a thing in… Weiterlesen

  • Progression, not perfection

    26. August 2019 von

    Of course, who does not strive for perfection? But we discovered quickly that bringing an new idea into a working software, means taking a lot of throwbacks during this process. Jukee’s family Two years ago we started our journey together with our new born child Jukee. During this time Jukee and his development gave us… Weiterlesen

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