How Jukee got his look

First things first! At the beginning of our journey we focused on getting things done like writing a lot of code, making coffee and writing even more code. Days were long, nights even longer.

Creativity follows heavy tiredness

Maybe you are familiar with this: Less sleep, much work and suddenly there comes a thing in your mind that can change everything! This is like Jukee was born. We were searching for a way to give our Jukebox a face. Something people see and connects to Jukebox.One. The idea of Jukee was born. But how does a typical Jukee looks like??

Simple but perfect

Martin was on his weekly grocery as he discovered a pretty funny thing, called ’swimming object‘. It looked like an alien with some LEDs insight but to be honest he liked the idea of giving Jukee the look of an alien. We thought about the design and changed it a little bit. You can find the current look here.

Progression, not perfection

Of course, who does not strive for perfection? But we discovered quickly that bringing an new idea into a working software, means taking a lot of throwbacks during this process.

Jukee’s family

Two years ago we started our journey together with our new born child Jukee. During this time Jukee and his development gave us a lot reasons to laugh and overall we had a pretty good time. Not only getting closer to Jukee, but also coming closer to each of our team. Together with little Jukee we became a family, with the little difference that Jukee has not only one pair of parents but several.

In good times as well as in bad times

But beside all these nice things, developing Jukee was tough as well. Not only once we were pretty close to quit the whole project and get back to ’normal‘ work. Looking always for new investments in our new idea, finding bars & pubs to get real-life experience with the Jukebox and in the end to get the sh*t done with all of our work beside all this are just a few examples why struggling with a start-up is real. In these moments, full of emotions it was always essentially to come together, talk about everything and getting back on our way.

Together we are stronger

Like in every good family, there are always people who need help in specific moments. So like with us. The secret of being successful is pretty simple: having the right people around you in the right instants. In Jukees family everyone can rely on each other, that makes us strong and that makes Jukee strong!

Keep heads up and look forward!

once upon a time…

Every good story begins with these small words.

Also that from our little Jukee. The idea for Jukee was born during a vacation of Martin in Canada. It is pretty common there to use Jukeboxes in bars and pubs during nights out there. Back in Germany Martin thought why not to develop an own Jukebox just for his personal use in his apartment. He liked the idea of these boxes and decided to ask Bengt for help. Because both have different music preferences they started to dispute over the music content of this new Jukebox. Suddenly (and with the help of Steffi and Richard) they came to the idea of a collaborative Jukebox, everyone can throw in his or her own wished and the community is free to vote for every title in the playlist. The principe behind the Jukebox was clear, the more votes for the song, the closer was the song to be played!

If you like to know more about the founding team of Jukee, you are free to visit our Team site!

Step One

„Das Recht auf gute Musik sollte im Grundgesetz verankert sein!“ –

F.P.J. Giese 2019

Wir sind die Jukebox.One! Und damit ein herzliches Hallo auf unserem kleinem Blog. Mit dem Blog wollen wir die Möglichkeit nutzen ein kleines Tagebuch zu schreiben, mit dem wir euch neben der Entwicklung unseres Jukees auch die Gelegenheit geben wollen Einblicke in den Alltag eines Start-Ups zu bekommen. Und zwar unverblümt. Begleitet uns auf unserem Weg und erfahrt mehr über die Höhen und Tiefen einer jeden Neugründung.

Fans are welcome, really!

Natürlich, und das soll auch gar nicht ausgeschlossen sein, ist dieser Blog auch eine kleine Heimat unserer Fan Community. Also falls ihr Anregungen oder Wünsche habt, hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit uns eure Erfahrungen mit der Jukebox mitzuteilen und gemeinsam mit uns den besten Musikmix zu entwickeln, den eure Welt jemals gesehen hat! In diesem Sinne: Let’s rock it!

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